Counseling in Katy

Karah Lawshe, MEd., LPC-Intern

Stephanie Legendre, MA., RPT, LPC-S

Trauma (Medical and Non-Medical)

Trauma is any stressful event in which one experiences. It can present itself in several experiences including death, accident, natural disasters, forms of violence (domestic, drug, sexual assault), and personal or loved ones medical issues. Trauma can be a single episode or reoccurring. Those have have experienced trauma(s) can express their pain through either physical or emotional pain, and at times both.

Medical trauma can be complicated for those experiencing it. When either you or a loved one is/has serious medical issues, it can be difficult to navigate through the experience. This form of trauma is commonly overlooked, and labeled as "it's to be expected" to have "difficulty" adjusting to the experience. While in therapy for any form of trauma, these survivor client can expect to gain coping skills and and control over their experience of the trauma. 

Supervisor: Stephanie Legendre, MA., RPT,  LPC-S